Maybe one week you walk in knowing you need a good stretch and some deep core and glutes activations, but the next you’re ready to get your sweat on and bump that heartrate up.


During a 1:1 you have my complete attention and we get to work through my full bag of tricks!


My first questions is always “how are you feeling?” and the session is completely tailored from there. 


Think of it as a personal training session, but with more delicious spine twists and fewer grunts (unless you're really feeling the burn, of course). We'll work on perfecting your form, targeting those problem areas, and getting you to that sweet spot of Pilates bliss. 

And let's be real, there's something kind of luxurious about having a whole Pilates studio to yourself. It's just you, me, and some seriously good vibes. 

introducing private 1:1 pilates

Welcome to the world of Pilates, where it's just you, me, and a whole lot of core work. This is where we focus solely on you and your goals. 

It’s Pilates and its about you

private pilates 


Leah has been amazing at creating a program that is helping me with long term back issues. Her passion and knowledge make every session really enjoyable. Great studio and location. I look forward to more. Highly recommend!

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  • Get to know each other
  • Postural and movement assessment
  • in depth chat on relevant movement history, current injuries/conditions and pain
  • build goals
  • develop a tailored program
  • learn the pilates equipment
  • sessions run for 55mins

New client OFFER

That one week you want to rest we will be there to cheer you on and get you where you want to be


During your 2:1 session you will work through a range of moves on suitable appartus 


Tailored program for you!
Each week this may grow and adapt as your body gets stronger


You will each need to have completed the intro to studio package solo. This way we will have a great foundation to build your pilates journey off. Each person will have an individualised program that works towards your own body, goals, strengths and weaknesses. Having a friend to commit with and join you at your session is a fab way to keep you accountable and build a fun environment to practice studio pilates in.

This one is fun! Get a friend on board to keep you accountable, share the investment and spice up your week

Pilates with a friend 

duet pilates

The best pilates Launceston has to offer with the best clients to welcome you 


A cost effective way to access quality tailored pilates 


Tailored program for you!
Each week this may grow and adapt as your body gets stronger


In these sessions you will work through your own individual program utilising all the studio equipment + mat exercises. You will also learn to read programs and set up equipment doing this allows you to flow through your session with minimum downtime and maximum results. 
Session times and capacity is limited please ensure you can commit to a weekly time and day for a minimum of 5 sessions.

Join a session with a few like minded humans that enjoy moving in a group setting to the beat of their own drum

small group setting  

trio pilates


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I've worked a variety of jobs ranging from retail, to heavy equipment operator. So I get it if you tell me your body is protesting because you sit a lot for work (or get stuck under napping children, if you know you know).

I've gone from not being interested in exercise in the least to Crossfit two times a day. I've had a lower back injury, a disc bulge, wrist injuries and lots of other little niggles that we’ve all experienced. That’s right, Pilates instructors are really just like you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ive never done pilates before..

Private sessions are the best place to start to learn the foundations of pilates and keep growing upon them while building your strengths and knowledge. 

I have a previous injury/ pain is this the right place ?

Yes, this is the studio to join if you are looking for clinical pilates for rehab, pre or post surgery, special conditions, spinal conditions, pain, pre or post natal. This is probably not the studio for you if you want to get a sweat on and burn calories only.

My doctor told me to start Pilates.. 

Ahh good but did they elaborate on why, where and with who you should be doing Pilates? Remember the Pilates industry is not regulated so a class at your local gym may not be of the same quality as the one at a local studio with qualified instructors

 Will I use a Reformer in 1:1?

Yes.. but only if you need it. The reformer is a brilliant piece of apparatus but it’s not for everyone all the time it has its place and purpose. After your intro off ends you will be on to a program that will develop and adapt as you do utilising all the studio apparatus.

What do I bring?

  • Your brilliant self 
  • Comfy clothes, grip socks if you have them 
  • If applicable Drs certs, referrals, X-rays, 
  • You will receive an email with all the nitty gritty details upon booking