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personalised pilates sessions

Your Pilates sessions are designed to be fun as well as challenging, so you won't get bored or fall asleep mid-plank.

And don't worry about being a Pilates pro - this is an inclusive safe space for everyone, no matter your experience level. We've even got modifications if you need a little extra TLC (and by TLC, we mean "tender lumbar care") 

Ways to Move
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Inclusive 1:1 sessions where we twist, bend and stretch to achieve your individual goals.  

Private Pilates 

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Grab a friend and commit to showing up to your studio sessions together.

Duet Pilates

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Yoga's edgy more rebellious cousin.
Our reformer pilates classes are designed to meet you where you are and help you achieve your fitness goals.  

2:1 Reformer Class

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Just pure unadulterated Pilates.
It's just you, your body, and the mat (and some small app thrown in for good measure). 

Mat Class

toni s 

Just when you think you can’t do anymore, she has a way of motivating and encouraging you to keep trying. I had zero core strength when I started working with Leah, now I have improved my core, my strength and flexibility. I can’t go without my Pilates with Leah each week, it’s an investment for me for my continued strength and mobility, and of course we have lots of fun!

let's get to know each other

My goal is for you to leave the studio feeling completely refreshed… and a little taller. Seriously, improving your posture isn’t just good for your health. It also helps you get previously unreachable cans of chickpeas off the top shelf with ease.

I’m a qualified pilates instructor that is passionate about teaching a variety of bodies, conditions and experience levels. I want to help you shift the fear of movement that pain can give us, through knowledge, community and understanding. 

HI i'm leah