We are qualified pilates teachers that are passionate about teaching a variety of bodies, conditions and experience levels

About all pilates

My goal is for you to leave the studio feeling completely refreshed… and a little taller. Seriously, improving your posture isn’t just good for your health. It also helps you get previously unreachable cans of chickpeas off the top shelf with ease.

I’m a qualified pilates instructor that is passionate about teaching a variety of bodies, conditions and experience levels. And if you think Pilates is just for the ladies, think again - I've trained some of the toughest, manliest men out there (they might not want me to disclose their names, but let's just say they can bench press a small car).

Together we’ll create a program that is inclusive and helps you smash your goals. 


I’m the brains behind this All Pilates operation, fuelled by a passion for Pilates and almond lattes.

I fell in love with Pilates in 2017 after a back injury literally affected my entire quality of life. It forced me to take time off work, and left me feeling helpless and stuck. Pilates became an addiction as my daily practice dissolved my pain and strengthened my mental health. Through dedication (and lots of fun) I was able to return to the gym and work feeling strong and empowered.

Fast forward to 2019. I wanted to help other people heal the same way I had healed. So I entered the world of Pilates teaching. Because let's be real, Pilates isn't all serious business. In fact, my favorite thing about Pilates is how it can make you feel like a graceful, coordinated ballerina one minute, and a clumsy toddler the next. It keeps you humble and always striving to improve.

I want to help you shift the fear of movement that pain can give us, through knowledge, community and understanding. You can actively participate in connecting your mind and body. It’s so powerful. 


Founder/  Pilates Teacher 


Let's work together

That is what focused, tailored pilates can do. It builds strength in a way that ensures you can take everything life throws at you (and also means you can perfect the pilates teaser and take a sick photo for Instagram, if that’s your thing).

Imagine getting to the end of your work day and not feeling like you need to crack your back like a glow stick? What if you could wake up the morning after a day in the garden, and not feel like someone has taken 10cm off your hamstrings overnight?