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Frequently asked questions


Could not recommend Leah highly enough, she is honestly the best! She cares deeply about helping people and is so passionate about what she does. I'm a gal who has some lower back issues and Leah always takes the time to check in how I'm going and modifies exercises to ensure I can still move my body safely. Leah creates an environment that you always want to come back to, who knew you could look forward to exercising! 

How do I start?

The new client offer is for all new clients to the studio and must be completed before we move to private packages, duets or trios. 

Can i only do private pilates sessions?

Yes of course, utilise the new client offer because its really great value then from here you can stick with private sessions

Id like to do duets but...

Different fitness levels? Different stages of life? Recovering from surgery?  Cant get on the floor? Need extra assistance? I've got you we can do it. Remember you will each have a tailored session 


Check out the schedule, select private pilates ( for ease) then you can see the avaliabilty and purchase a package thats suitable 

I want to join a trio...

Perfect complete the new client offer, and during this we will chat all things trio if I can match clients I will, if you have friends get them on board and set a regular time

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